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Summer & winter camp and courses enrich your holiday life. With a wild variety of courses options and our exclusive historic-cultural trip, GEC will take you on a journey to deeply explore and understand Spain and its sophisticated culture.

El Escorial

The most known to the world is the monastery built Philip II of Spain between 1563 and 1584. It was a miracle at that time and was listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1984.

​El Escorial

Museum of Madrid

Route of Tapas

Trip of 





Application Services

GEC provides you with the most comprehensive college application and counselling services, from material reviews to interview simulations.
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Overall Post-arrival Services

From the moment you arrive in Spain, from pick-up to study consulting, our services cover all needs of your study life abroad.
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On the aspect of life, GEC offers accommodation services and organizes visits of the city that helps you merge into the local life as soon as possible.
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7/24 Emergency

GEC provides security services such as full insurance and 24-hour emergency solving service to protect your life aboard.

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