Visa service


We offer students an acceptance letter of the Spanish course, undergraduate and master. Providing proof of accommodation in accordance with the needs of students.

Consultation services


We provide consulting services to students and their parents, they can contact our staff by phone, WeChat, e-mail, etc.

Pick-up service


After arriving at Madrid airport, the students will be picked up by our professional team. Our responsible teacher will distribute the local phone card and various consultation papers to each student on the bus.

Open a bank account


In order to save student’s time for opening bank account issue, our team will open a bank account for them before their arrival. All cards will be prepared to use after the signature of students.

Student resident card preparation

Our teachers are responsible to help students to apply for student resident card, preparing their papers, accompanying students to the immigration office so as to ensure that all students can receive timely the card.

Student card, SIM card & bus card


The responsible teacher of the project organizes and arranges students to handle student card, SIM card and bus card.

Insurance services


Students can purchase full medical insurance including emergency, hospitalization, etc. It can be used throughout the country and Europe. Students will have access to private hospital which possesses the best quality services.

Regular meetings

Organize regular meetings to know the students' study and life situation and solve the problems that students encounter.

Graduate Application Services


Our professional team will introduce the detail of Spanish universities and majors for every student, offer personalized application planning depending on the requirements of student and their educational background.

University admission documents’ preparation and university registration


We offer the service certifying university admission documents under the Spanish Ministry of Education to complete the university registration process for all students.

Toledo Culture Tour

The overseas responsible teacher will lead the students to visit the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage-Toledo City, which is full of ancient treasures, lead them to meet the mysterious historic monuments.

24-hour emergency case handling

In a responsible attitude towards every student, our staff will intervene quickly in any emergency.

High School Service



Our students can choose to stay in two kinds of accommodation. They can choose between living in a student residence or living with a Spanish family.


Overseas tutor


Underage students studying abroad require tutorship. All the associated student's residences and Spanish families are responsible for each student, and must guarantee the following terms:

-  Become the student's overseas legal tutor and housemate.

-  Provide services such as meals and cleaning.

-  24 hours availability for students

GEC is a very humanitarian institution. The teachers here have given me a lot of help. Especially Rosa, she gave me a lot of advice on study and life. ——Zhenduo Xiao

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