Courses For Entrance Examination

Spain's top university create the most authoritative courses, 90% of students got the extra points with the tutoring courses of Complutense University of Madrid every year. The average score of the students attended the course is 2.25.

Complutense University of Madrid offers courser for entrance examination for foreign students. The student can register the Selectividad when the converted score equals to or exceeds 5. Th e points can be used for apply the university, which is good for increase admission probability.

According to the correlation coefficient (0-0.2) between the subjects and the majors applied, the student can obtain a maximum of 4 extra points.​

The offered subjects are:


Mathematics II

Mathematics of Social Science


  • Location: teaching building of the department of literature of UCM (Metro Line 6 Ciudad Universitaria), the same as the location of language courses.

  • Professors: top professors of UCM (partial professors are exam marker of Selectividad)

  • Assistants: each class is equipped with excellent simultaneous translator to help with the language difficulties.

  • Teaching material: notes, exercise and test papers will be handed out in the class, no extra fee.

  • Timetable: around 15 February to 1 June; 3 classes per week for each subject, 1.5 h/class.

  • Fee: 450 euros/subject, 810 euros/2 subjects, 1100 euros/3 subjects, 1400 euros/ 4 subjects. 

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