Master in Teacher Training in Spanish

as a Foreign Language


How is this Master's Degree?

The Complutense University’s Master in Training of Chinese-speaking Spanish Language Teachers is committed to cultivate Spanish and foreign Spanish teachers with high foreign language literacy for domestic and foreign higher education institutions. The program also trains to prepare talented translators for various foreign-related departments and tourism. The master's degree is coordinated by the Department of Spanish Language of the UCM  and the Complutense Center for Spanish, providing students with a combination of teaching and practice in Spanish language. Upon completion of the course, students will have the opportunity to receive an internship at the Complutense Center for Spanish (CCEE) of the Complutense University.

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Highly flexible options

Students can choose to attend only the master's degree program, or to take a Spanish language course, or an off-campus internship during the academic period.

Master's Degree vs Official Degree

The application level of the Master's Degree is lower compared to the official Master's Degree, and the possibility of admission is greater.

Wide range of options in the future

Students can choose to participate in the third year of internship or remain in Spain to study the official master's degree. After the internship, they have opportunities to work in Spain.

Chinese assistants’ cooperation

The school master’s course offers Chinese teaching assistants to help students understand the content of the class and take more profit of their study.

Module I

​Spanish Language

24 credits

Culture, Literature and History

Oral expression and interaction

Writing expression and interaction

... ...

Module II

Social Science and Humanities

27 credits

Chinese and Spanish Contrastive Linguistics

Teaching methods of Spanish foreign language

Cultural content os Spanish language lessons

... ...

Module II

Social Science and Humanities

9 credits

Graduation Thesis


Knowledge Practice

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UCM is the top public university overall in Spain as well as the largest and most comprehensive university in Spain. Officially founded in 1499, the university is one of the oldest universities in Europe, the origin of which could be dated back to 1293.

UCM was ranked as top one in universities from Spain in 2018 by the famous Spanish newspaper El Mundo. In addition, the university is ranked the 212th in the QS World University Rankings in 2020. The university is fully reinforced in various disciplines, ranking the top 50 in many fields including humanities and social sciences.


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GEC provides you with the most comprehensive college application and counselling services, from material reviews to interview simulations.

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Overall Post-arrival Services

From the moment you arrive in Spain, from pick-up to study consulting, our services cover all needs of your study life abroad.

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On the aspect of life, GEC offers accommodation services and organizes visits of the city that helps you merge into the local life as soon as possible.

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