Insurance Service

cooperation campanies

customer care support

1-2 days

get your policy issued

6000+ cooperative

medical center and hospital

1º go to the doctor

advance reservation and accompany

Our center work as a representative agency for Asisa, Sanitas and Adeslas for 7 years, the most well-known medical insurance companies in Spain. We have a professional team and have already handled tens of thousands of applications. We are familiar with the appointment process of various hospitals and be ready to solve any problem that may come along.

Our Team

Siyan Chen

Responsible for formulating project plans, acceptance and delivery of insurance card, and final accounts verification


Responsible for contacting insurance companies, establishing customer files, accepting and issuing letters, documents, contracts, etc.


Responsable for medical insurance handling

Sisi Fang

Responsible for organizing customer files and insurance card, contacting partners and insurance companies.

Our Partners

Monthly payment (*)

Get issued in 1-2 days

​Minimum 1 month

For 0-64 year old students

Full coverage in Spain

13 wholly-owned clinics, more than 6,000 cooperative medical centers, and more than 32,000 medical professionals

Full coverage in Spain,

global emergency services (***)

More than 1,150 cooperative medical centers and 43,000+ professional medical staff

Monthly payment (*)

Get issued in 1-2 days

​Minimum 1 month

For 0-64 year old students

More than 1,200 cooperative medical centers, and 40,000+ professional doctors

Monthly payment (*)

Get issued in 1-2 days

​Minimum 1 month

For 0-29 year old students (**)

Full coverage in Spain,

global emergency services (***)

(*) The insurance will take effect from 1st of every month.

(**) If you´re a 30-99 year old policyholder, please consult the Insurance Department of Gestión Educativa Consultores for more information.

(***) The maximum amount of insurance coverage is 12,000 euros.


Application Services

GEC provides you with the most comprehensive college application and counselling services, from material reviews to interview simulations.
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 Overall Post-arrival Services

From the moment you arrive in Spain, from pick-up to study consulting, our services cover all needs of your study life abroad.
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On the aspect of life, GEC offers accommodation services and organizes visits of the city that helps you merge into the local life as soon as possible.
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7/24 Emergency

GEC provides security services such as full insurance and 24-hour emergency solving service to protect your life aboard.

Telephone:+34 918 825 523


Calle Donoso Cortés 63, 1º dcha.

28015 Madrid, Spain

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