Study abroad program for high school students

As stipulated by the Ministry of Education in Spain, the minimum age for international students to study in Spain is 16 years old, and the minimum education background is Senior One of a senior high school. When Chinese students finish their Senior One courses, they can apply to study in the best private high school through 1+2 Program for High School Students. After graduating from high school, they have the same rights to study in the government-run universities.

Program intro-duction

• Getting rid of rigorous high school study in China and study in the best high school in Europe instead, so as to get the most qualified education

• With years of studying, international students can use Spanish like their mother tongue

• Low cost of studying abroad, about € 12, 000 per year (¥90, 000/year)

• A direct access to the best universities in Spain or other countries after the graduation of high school, which lowers the threshold to study in world-class universities

In order to help students study in high school successfully, our partner institutions in Spain (see the GEC Partner High School for more information) offer summer language intensive course and summer high school preparatory courses for international students. Meanwhile, we also offer a one-year intensive language learning course for students whose language level may not meet the requirements of high school courses.

1. Through 1+2 Program for High School Students, we will select qualified applicants among students in Grade Three of middle school;

2. After entering the high school, students will mainly learn Spanish in Grade One. When they finish Grade One, students are supposed to achieve Level A2.

3. Before they finish Grade One (before June), we will arrange the visa procedures;

4. When they finish Grade One, students will have a two-month intensive language training and high school preparatory courses in Spain that summer.

5. Before a new term of the high school in Spain begins (in September), students will receive a language test. Those who achieve Level B1 are allowed to start their high school thereafter; Those who fail to meet the requirement will have to keep learning Spanish and will enter high school next year.

6. After a two-year study in high school, students can get high school diplomas and seek further study in universities.

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Official tuition of high school

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