UCM University-specific master´s degree

GEC, as the exclusive authorized partner of the Complutense University of Madrid that ranks the first in Spain, is responsible for the operation of all international projects of UCM in China. GEC, now, joint with the Complutense University of Madrid, offers several popular degree programs to students.

MAster propio

Master Propio in
International Trade

The Propio Master Degree in International Trade aims for students to acquire comprehensive and transversal training focused on the process of internationalization of the economy to facilitate the management of activities in a global context. This degree programme aims at training for the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and tools in the analysis and decision- making in the process of internationalization, as well as the timely and continuous management of economic activities in a global environment.

Master Propio in
Educational Development and

This Master is designed to offer quality training for teachers or future teaching professionals in order to adapt to the educational reality of the 21st century, defined in terms of Revolution 4.0 and the VUCA environment (Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity).

Master Propio in
Marketing Management

The Master Degree in Marketing Management will facilitate the students the development of marketing and the company, not only in their own country, China, but also the expansion abroad. It aims to train professionals prepared to assume positions of maximum responsibility in global companies and to be able to proactively face the new challenges that the growing complexity of the market entails.

Master Propio in
Hospitality Management

According to the World Economic Forum, Spain is the most competitive country in the world in terms of tourism, being a benchmark in this sector. Similarly, in the hotel sector, Spanish companies are acting globally, having been present all over the world for decades and being exemplary on an international scale.

The master degree will provide the necessary experience to train professionals in the hotel sector according to the proven quality of the courses offered by the UCM, while the internationalization of the university requires that specialized degrees be offered to international students.

Master Propio in
Information Technology Management

The University-specific master´s degree will facilitate students both the development and knowledge of Digital Science so necessary in the new way of understanding the economy and business. Throughout the course the student will focus on learning how to make information systems (hardware, software and networks) work efficiently.

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