Student Oversea Services

GEC provides international students of all ages with personalized oversea services, covering many aspects of academics and life that students need.

Visa service



Provision of group visa appointment service for student groups, guaranteed 100% overstay.


Visa required materials


Provide students with the necessary materials for visas by express delivery, such as: admission notices for language courses and undergraduate courses, proof of accommodation, medical insurance policies, etc.

Pick up


the professional team of our center will be responsible for the pick-up, luggage loading and unloading and other matters after the students arrive in Spain.

The responsible teacher of GEC provides various consultations documents for students on the bus and issues bus cards and local phone cards that have been applied for.

Bank account opening

We provide appointment, consultation and escort services for student with bank account opening, and help solve related bank account information in the later period.

Residence card preparation

For students who need to apply for student residence card, a professional teacher will guide you to prepare the necessary materials for applying for the residence card and accompany the student to go through the application procedures to ensure that the student gets the residence card in time.

Language center student card and

bus card application


Before the students arrive, we will apply for the Spanish bus card and mobile phone card in advance; and after the students arrive at Spain, the teacher in charge of the project will organize all the things to help them to get student card in university language center.

Full insurance


In order to provide health insurance to students, GEC provides full medical insurance purchase service. Its insurance items include emergency, outpatient, surgery and hospitalization. The insurance can be used throughout the country and throughout Europe. Students can get a medical insurance card by presenting a Medicare card and have access to high-end, private medical services at no additional cost.

Regular meeting

Regularly organize regular meetings, learn about students' learning and living conditions and solve problems encountered by students.

University professional application planning


GEC has a professional team of teachers for each student to introduce the details of the Spanish universities and various professions, for the requirements of students and teaching background, develop personalized college application planning.

University admission documents agent &

university registration


GEC provides a full-service agent for university entrance documents certified by the Spanish Ministry of Education and completes all the process of university registration for students.

City & life understanding

GEC will lead students to understand the infrastructure of the city (including public transportation, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.) when they first arrive in Spain, and organize activities of cultural visits for the project students for a long time.

24-hour emergency situation handling

In the attitude of being responsible for each student, in the event of any emergency, our team will all intervene in time to reassure parents and students.

High School Student Services


Two accommodation options are free to choose for our high school student, boarding school or host family.

Overseas guardian

Minor students will be asked by the school and the authorities to provide the name of a guardian who is responsible for, as they are not living in Spain. GEC provides a professional guardianship service to overseas students in Boarding Schools and Colleges, our carefully selected and inspected host families protect and care for students in their homes, all these host families have signed contracts with cooperative high schools.

  • The family will supervise 24/7 and monitor student's educational progress and social development.

  • Being available on a daily basis as a point of contact for parents, students and schools.

  • Providing 3 meals a day and cleaning service for minor students.