Accomodation Service

GEC Cultural Education Center keeps a close relationship for many years with the Spanish university student hostels, home stay families and hotels, we can provide suitable accommodation for all kinds of students and visiting groups.

College student dormitory

College student hostels are generally owned by colleges and universities in the University City. Due to limited rooms and places, we require an advance check-in. College dormitories generally include bed, writing desk, wardrobe, appliances and other basic facilities, some rooms are equipped with separate toilet and kitchen. College dormitories generally include regular cleaning services, and equipped with dormitory canteens.


College dormitories tend to be more diverse due to their acceptance of all international students. For the pursuit of accommodation, willing to interact with international students more students, is a good choice.


GEC can provide student dormitory application services.

Home stay family

For foreign students and non-linguistic students, home-based families provide a good language practice environment and a local culture. According to Spanish law, minors are required to study abroad to appoint a legal representative (guardian), and home-based families can also provide better opportunities for foreign students to take care of their duties of guardianship.


Over the years, GEC Culture and Education Center of Spain has been cooperating with many universities and institutions all over the world. It receives over 100 leaders from universities and institutes each year and maintains good cooperation with local hotels in Spain.