exchange program

After successfully launched the programs in China, GEC has established a long-term and stable partnership with more than 40 universities and 30 high schools. In addition,. GEC has also developed customized and international programs for universities and institutions in China and Spain.

Through years, we have established solid partnership with many Spanish universities, and we have reached a special agreement with Universidad Complutense De Madrid and Universidad de Coruña. With all these effort, we havebuilt a green channel for GEC and laid a solid foundation for the successful development of projects of the two parties.

Students exchange program (including majors in English)

Students exchange program is a basic one under interschool programs.  In this program, domestic universities are responsible for selecting students who want to study in Universidad Complutense De Madrid, and as a consequence, Universidad Complutense De Madrid is responsible for receiving students from Chinese universities and offering Spanish as the compulsory course and undergraduate courses as the elective course (including majors in English).

Domestic universities must recognize the academic credits that exchange students have earned in Universidad Complutense De Madrid. After the course, Universidad Complutense De Madrid will grant academic transcripts and academic credit certificate for international students. When they get back to China, these credits can be converted to academic credits used in Chinese universities.

Dual diploma program for undergraduates and graduates

This program is a joint education program based on high level, high standard and high platform between universities, which includes the signing of the friendship and cooperation agreement between universities in China and Spain, the signing of a special agreement, the conversion of academic credits and the jointly-issued diplomas. Universidad Complutense De Madrid has reached such agreements with many top universities in different countries.

Training program for teachers in China and Spain

Universities in China and Spain can organize excellent teachers to further their study in its partner university.

This program aims at teachers in both countries, like state-run units or individuals whose mother tongue is Chinese/Spanish. Through personal experience in a foreign country and communications in culture and education, the trainees can gain useful knowledge and concepts. This program can not only improve the language abilities and teaching skills of teachers, but also deepen their understandings toward the local culture through various community and cultural activities, and enable them to explore how to combine their teaching with the relevant knowledge.

Universities in both countries will organize a series of international forums to exchange cultural ideas and conduct scientific researches.

This program aims to strengthen the international scientific collaboration and improve the academic environment. These activities will promote the intercommunication and interaction between different cultures and subjects, develop the participants' scientific thinking and research abilities. At the same time, it will also broaden their international view and enhance their comprehensive competence.

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