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Bilateral degree recognition

Government policy support

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International cooperation

Top universities’ association

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Native language teaching

Local language environment

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World top school vs reasonable living cost

In 2007, China's Ministry of Education and that of Spain have reached a bilateral agreement on mutual-recognition of academic degrees. From which year, the associate and undergraduate degrees obtained by Chinese students in China would be recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and universities.

After successfully launched the programs in China, GEC has established a long-term and stable partnership with more than 40 universities and 30 high schools. In addition, GEC has also developed customized and international programs for universities and institutions in China and Spain​.

For students who wish to study in Spain but do not have a Spanish level enough, GEC provides information of Master´s Programmes in English, and offering Spanish language courses as a compulsory, undergraduate major as an elective courses, allowing students to experience the local history and culture as well as Spanish customs while learning the language.

Exchange Programe Group

One step for all, be free of your heart



Responsible for universities’ contact and material submission



Responsible for application and interschool communucation


Jiali Zhang

Responsible for overall student services and management



Responsible for financial affairs


Application Services

GEC provides you with the most comprehensive college application and counselling services, from material reviews to interview simulations.

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Overall Post-arrival Services

From the moment you arrive in Spain, from pick-up to study consulting, our services cover all needs of your study life abroad.

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On the aspect of life, GEC offers accommodation services and organizes visits of the city that helps you merge into the local life as soon as possible.

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GEC provides security services such as full insurance and 24-hour emergency solving service to protect your life aboard.


Telephone:+34 918 825 523


Calle Donoso Cortés 63, 1º dcha.

28015 Madrid, Spain