Spain has a long-standing tradition of university education and it has become a very attractive destination for international students. The low cost of education and the high quality of teaching are hallmarks of the Spanish public higher education system.

The Spanish University System

  • The Spanish university system is comprised of a total of 81 universities: 52 public universities and 29 private ones.
  • There are 1,5 million university students: most studying at public universities because they guarantee a high level of quality and tuition fees are very low.
  • The Spanish government is fostering research and links between universities and companies. The objective is for the main Spanish universities to soon be among the best universities in the world.
  • Proof of this is that several Spanish universities have been recognized as International Campuses of Excellence.

Other University Services


  • Universities have offices for foreign students and universities and they follow  policies for the full integration of all students in university and everyday life. The university offices have a long-standing tradition of caring for students and helping them resolve any issues related to their stay (housing, healthcare, paperwork, transport…)
  •  Enrolment in university allows one access to sports fields, libraries, Internet and Wi-Fi connections, and education is also supported by a Virtual Campus.
  • GEC, Education Management Consultants (Gestión Educativa Consultores): GEC is constantly in contact with Spanish universities at a representative Spanish Universities. The aim of GEC is to staff at universities supporting GEC students and facilitations.

Conclusion Studying and Living in Spain: an Investment

A key fact: studying and living in Spain is an investment, which at the same time lets you enjoy an unforgettable stay. Living and education costs are affordable; the advantages for the future are significant.

GEC offers proven experience and access to a broad network of Educations Institutions of Spain and collaboration agreements between Spanish and Asian universities.