Universidad de Almería – www.ual.es

Rectorado: Carretera Sacramento s/n. 04120-Cañada de San Urbano (Almería)

Founded in 1993, the Almería Campus is the centre of a young university, which has modern infrastructures and is located in one of the most dynamic economic areas in Spain.

Education at UAL

  • 9 University Centres (faculties and schools)
  • 26 Official Bachelor’s Degrees:
  • 5 Technical Degrees: 5 (Specialisations in agricultural studies). 11 Social Sciences and Law. 4 Humanities. 3 Experimental Sciences. 3 Health Sciences.
  • Official Master’s Degrees: 51
  • Number of professors: 1,080 (70 full professors, 623 PhD lecturers)
  • Number of students: 13,202
  • Library: 174,733 volumes
  • Mobility: 650 international students every year
  • Student services: Accommodation, library, nautical sports and cultural activities, office for foreign students, academic counselling

UAL: between the Mediterranean and the prosperity of Europe

  • UAL seeks the full integration of students in university life. Their stay enhanced by life in a modern and comfortable campus and by the surrounding environment of Almería. Success stems from the character and lifestyle of Andalusia: welcoming, entrepreneurial and proud of its land and its customs.
  •  The province of Almería is famous for its beautiful scenery. Its mild climate allows students to enjoy a variety of activities all year round (sports, beaches, visits to nature sites) which complement academic education and facilitate student integration. Language learning and accommodation facilities complete the offering.
  • The region of Almería combines Andalusia traditions with the economic growth of one of the most productive agricultural regions in Europe. It is the European region with the highest number of sunshine hours per year, which has favoured production of Mediterranean fruits and vegetables.